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Brain Awareness Council

Sponsorship, Donations & Collaborations

If you or your organization are interested in working with us, sponsoring us or making a donation please contact us at bac@wfu.edu. Sponsorship does not necessarily mean a financial donation, we are always in need of various services and your time is always an appreciated donation!

We would like to thank the individuals, departments, organizations and companies listed below for their generous donations, sponsorship and collaborative efforts.

Recent Donations:

  • Ms. Jody Dedo for her donation of a Brain Pathology Model
  • Christina Hugenschmidt, PhD, for her donation of hanging file folders
  • Wayne Silver,PhD, for his donation of a USB microscope
  • Susan Fahrbach, PhD, for her donation of a video camera & wireless microphone

Sponsors & Collaborators


The Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning (CERTL)
Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives